What WR Do you like on the waiver? Advice needed

My league runs waivers today.

How would you rank these picks ups.

I’m 6-1. So prob just looking for upside guys that can help on some bye weeks coming up in week 9. Or breakout second half of the season

  1. Ted ginn
    2.kenny stills
    4.josh doctson
    5.jordan Matthews
    6.willie snead.

So those are some top guys on the waivers.

How would you rank pick up priority. Standard 10 team league btw.

I like Jordan Matthews in this situation. Buffalo have a great schedule for the ROS.

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Alright… I’ll target matthews…

Anyone else have advice?

Juju for me

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I am a JUJU believer. He is a stud and Ben is going to turn his season around. If they continue to push Bryant to the bench/trade rumors are true. Juju is the man. Brown and Bell will continue to draw the attention and Juju will be there as the forgotten coverage when defenses key on Brown/Bell. I would also grab Stills. I think Parker will be out for a couple more weeks and when he does come back he won’t be 100%.

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Juju’s in concussion protocol