What WR is Gordon worth?

My office league doesn’t seem to do much trading (half of the owners are set and forget players), but my best options on the wire are Corey Davis, Auden Tate, or Geronimo Allison so I want to at least float it out there if I can get a tier or two above.

What receivers could I target with a Melvin Gordon trade?

His value is really low rn. You should be shopping him at low RB1 value, but realistically Gordon might only net you a solid WR2, somewhere in the Edelman/Lockett/Sutton range if the owner has WR depth. Make sure you’re own RB depth is solid as well, otherwise I’d be trying to flip Gordon into an RB.

For me now, is WR2 worth, but sometimes the name has more value than the actual performance. If you can trade him for someone like T.Y. Hilton, C. Kupp, K. Allen… Look for someone that is in desperate need of an RB, maybe they’ll go for it, if not package him.