What WR should I trade Tevin Coleman for?

I’m weak at WR and overly stacked at RB (Ingram, Michel, Royce, Kerryon all on my bench). What WR is a great target for me to trade Tevin Coleman for? Also I’m weak at TE.

Maybe Diggs off his low game, or Emmanuel Sanders. Or Golladay and someone else. I think he’s gonna be good all year.

In terms of TE, I don’t really like anyone outside the top 3 guys. Maybe Burton+? I wouldn’t feel great about that, though

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I’d be trying to buy Diggs for sure. You might have to use Ingram vs Tevin though. it depends on the owner but in most of my leagues Diggs ended up as like a key asset to the team.i only have one league (1 keeper) where that’s not the case and due to keeper I ended up with Diggs, Hopkins, and Tyreek.