What you guys think of my draft picks?

Full PPR, 10 team league, 3 WR league
QBs: Matt Ryan, Lamar Jackson
RBs: Saquan Barkley, Chris Carson, Latavius Murry, Kenyan Drake
WRs: Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen, Jullian Edelman, Jarvis Landry, AJ Green, Emmanuel Sanders, DeSean Jackson
TE: Jimmy Graham

What you guys think?

Personally, I wouldn’t have picked a 2nd QB if I had drafted Ryan, and I would take Freeman instead of Keenan or Brown to get the Falcons stack, if i knew i was targeting Ryan later in draft.

Where did you take Graham, and who was left on the board? I assume you aren’t streaming considering they play Chicago week 1.

yea it’s a c+ at rb u don’t really have any depth. an at wr it’s ok but you some injury prone players, might end up with 3 when the season ends. an at t.e hopefully u can grab someone off the waiver