What you guys think of this trade?

10 man league standard format. I was offered

His: Ty Hilton

My: Lewis, & Crowelle.

MY roster is.

RB: Zeke, Kamara, Mixon, Lewis, & Crowelle

WR’s Allen Robinson, Tyreek Hill, Fitz, goodwin, & Mike Williams

TE: Kittle & Rudoplh.

yes go do it

I also agree take advantage of that deal, you have great depth in rb after that still!

That is what I thought, i just wanted to double check. trading is something i can never understand

I think It’s Hilton side by a mile. Crowell is not even worth rostering right now imo. Powell is the better back to own. If Crowell didnt get that 64 yard run with a complete breakdown in lions D, wouldn’t even be talking about him.