What you think fam?

Im looking to wheel and deal cooks

So far…

murray and tate for cook


J Howard and Maclin for cook?

or no trade at all? preach!

Which Cook? Dalvin or Brandon?

Assuming Dalvin… I would do the first one if you need WR help. If you are solid at WR i would standby with Cook and hope Bradford is back soon.

Coming from a Howard owner, stay as far away as possible.

Dalvin Cook* yep, I have a solid WR core. You don’t think Howard will get it together in the ladder parts of the season?

God I hope so. I really do. But even if he does, is he really going to be that much better than Cook could be? Cook has a strangle hold on that backfield and I think even if Howard picks it up, Cohen is there to stay.

Hold onto Cook brother. You’ll be fine.