What's a realistic payment for James Robinson?

We all know the retail price now most will be asking for multiple picks first rounds or maybe a stud wide receiver in general but is that the real price what’s a realistic price for James Robinson right now? Asking for a Friend… #SecretOfTheFoot

Man I wish I had an answer for this too. I am the Robinson owner and plan on keeping him on my team. He just might be league winner no cap

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I was offered a 2021 1st. Don’t think I could just sell for a 1st. Robinson’s usage is pretty great right now with the carries and targets. His YAC has looked good. The understanding is his 40 at the combine dropped him from being a mid round pick. Not sure if that is true but I have been impressed with the blitz pick-ups he has done during his time on the field. I feel those types of performances help gain trust from coaches to keep him around. So given that I would want a 1st, 2nd, plus a young player. He can be a valuable RB and to give him away (only a 2nd/3rd round pick) because he was free for most does not make sense for me. You are hoping those prospect players can return value like Robinson. If he turns out to be a league winner he should be valued as such.

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Any new meanings or thoughts regarding the value you can get for James Robinson in a Dynasty ??