Whats Everyone doing with RIdley?

There are leagues where Ridley was dropped. Do i make a high prioity claim on him?

In another league, someone offered Ridley for my Buccs defense…

Whats the community doing with ridley? worth the risk?

Wouldn’t touch him. I’d take a kicker for him at this point!

LOL damn really? Funny thing is, I had ridley then traded him right after his first excused missed game. I had a gut feeling.

Now the guy is offering me ridley for my buccs defense LOL?
I mean its a defense, so not a big risk right??? LOL

I really think he’s done for the year. Even if he came back he’s not gonna just be able to turn it on given the reasons he’s left for.

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If you have a good record and space on the bench or a free IR spot (he should be eligible now) then it can’t hurt to hold him.

As soon as you need the slot then you can drop him, but he’s off for three weeks. If you can hold for that and then see what the news is, can’t hurt.

For a throw away player, kicker or DST I’d do it if you can do the above. It is very roster construction and record specific how to manage him though.

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I don’t expect him to be back this season. I don’t think the Falcons are going to rush him. Mental health is important and being high profile and tackling it hopefully can take some of the stigma away.

As for his fantasy situation, if you can afford to stash a player that might not play again this season then sure. If he plays you get free money but I really believe he’s a 2022 thing now. I think I’d rather have the Tampa D

I completely agree with this approach!

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