What's everyone's take on Lockett

Anyone else starting him?

Starting him over names like: Slayton, Terry McLaurin, Pascal, Anderson, Kirk
…Metcalf is the only one in that range that I would consider starting over him. Although, who has Metcalf and Lockett?

I just shared Carrolls comments on him in another thread if you havent seen those i can share it here. Currently im leaning flexing him over Sutton with Cooper and AJ brown as the starters

WHOA- what did he say??

“He was clearly back in action and feeling good and physically right, just passed being sick the week before and all that,” Carroll said of Lockett’s performance against the Rams. “I think we should expect him to continue to contribute in a big way.”


Coach Pete Carroll said Lockett is “really back” in form this week, Adam Jude of The Seattle Times reports. “He was pretty good last week and he’s going into this week rarin’ to go,” Carroll said.

the second one was from cbs 19 hours ago so pretty recent

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Sealed and delivered. I’m all in.

Thanks for the update!

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Glad it helped

Thanks - this helps!

How confident are you? Lockett over any of these names: Mostert, Ekeler, James Connor or AJ Brown, DJ Moore?

I am very down after that Lamar Jackson beat down last night. i am currently starting Barkley, Kamara, Edelman, Moore, and Ekeler. You put Lockett in over any of those guys?