What's going on Todd Gurley

I’m sure this has already been brought up, but guys, seriously, what’s up with Todd Gurley?! Is McVay just trying to preserve him for the end of the year? He looks good when he runs but he goes for a drive, sits out the next drive and then comes back. The running schemes don’t even seem well planned. To me, it just seems they’re making him pound the defense to set up play action.

Not just as a Gurley fantasy owner, it’s frustrating to watch as a football fan.
Fantasy wise, I think I’m trying to trade him for someone like Marlon Mack or so.

To quote one of the great philosophers, who I’m sure you may be hearing from over the next few days:


Thank you, that is all.

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I’ve been pretty tilted this week with gurley and woods. Couldn’t stand to watch the game last night. Everything went to cooks and kupp…

Ha. Sure.
Sony has an arthritic knee. Sony is being used better though.

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lol Yes, in all seriousness, that is true. Probably they’re just being overcautious with him and relying more on their other weapons in the meantime so they can get more out of Gurley towards the end of the season/into the postseason.

Woods had 8 targets and a rushing attempt. Goff is just looking bad and missing passes. He’s using Kupp has a safety net right now in the shallow game.

woods is unfortunately not getting utilized in the red zone.