Whats my chances of winning?

So in 2 leagues im dependant on the pats being bad.
Im up 48 vrs Brady, Edelman, and the Pats d

other im probs going to lose, Im up 4 with gostkowski vrs James white.
Do I have any hope?

I’m in a similar situation going against Brady tonight. I’m going to look at the bright side and remember the Drew Brees only popped 9 fantasy points this week due to a solid run game…hopefully tonight the same happens

I think youll be fine with the first one.

Tonight Brady should prob pull in like 15-17 points
and I don’t see Edelman going over 15 himself in PPR

unless Buffalo brings it like they did vs the Vikes and the pats have to play

dang brees only got 9 poitns?! I knew it wasnt a good game for him but dang

I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady doesn’t have a huge game tonight, the game script lower the need for him to air it out in the 2nd half, but I expect the Pats DST to score well