What's my risk in playing Ebron week 1

Obviously it’s not an ideal play but my 12 man people decided TE’s should have 2 per roster so given that i’m willing to rotate i took Ebron. That said i’m really tempted to play him week one. I just don’t feel like my alternative options (Cook or Eifert) really have any more upside.

The risk is that he puts up a 0. Supposed to be a high scoring game but Doyle has more of a connection with Luck as of now think Eifert is your best option of the 3 most likely to score a touchdown which I think is your best possible outcome here

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PLAY Eifert! you are only gonna get 1 good week out of him before something on him breaks. May as well be against a weak Colts D

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I lied about Eifert, gone for sure. I have 4 leagues so i’m getting confused on who’s out there. It’s like Jared Cook, ASJ, or Ebron so at the moment i’m leaning Ebron unless someone thinks Samuels with his RB/TE eligibility is more worthwhile.