Whats Sam Bradford worth?

i’m thinking about offering up someone to try to get Bradford as a safe stream in my Dynasty league.

My league is light on QB options and I can’t even pull from WW until after week 1.

Holding only

Grab her in the p. Winston
Mr Mccown

Now mccown very will will start 3 games but Im a bit nervous about him being my only 3 week stream. I can for sure draft a QB in our rookie draft but there are no guarantees anyone will start either. I don’t see going after anyone higher tier and the guy holding bradford has carr, Bridge, manning as well. He needs WR’s

whats bradford worth? could i maybe get him for someone like Wallace or Ted ginn?

Ooh. Bradford seems like the perfect piece for you and If you could get a josh Rosen in the draft. Assuming no good prospect is left then that would make the Bradford trade even sweeter. Offer Wallace and if he says no then offer Gin. Wallace is worth less than Gin but both are worth Bradfords easily injured value. If he asks for more than that he’s reaching. you are offering depth. A wide receiver 3 for his qb 4