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What's the best of my bad RB situation?


My 2 starters are Dalvin Cook and Jordan Howard. My bench contains Duke Johnson, Matt Forte and Chris Johnson. No good options available on waiver. I’m aware Howard is banged up and giving up a lot of work to Cohen. Don’t know who to replace him with. It’s a 12 team, standard league.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!


Im in a similar situation with Howard. No waivers though? Carson, Perine, Buck Allen, all were picked up already? I guess youre going to have to stick with Cook/Howard in this standard league. But I would be looking to make some moves.


Yes, Carson, Perine, and Allen are all long gone. Seems I’ll have to shop out some WRs.


yeah its time to start looking at trades. you could always try to package howard with a WR and send them to who ever picked up cohen. get rid of some dead weight, and get an RB.


Maybe try to go after the buy low candidate…people are already writing off Murray, Kelly. Go after CJ…Some are worried about Booker coming back and the time share possibilities with CJ. If CJ is healthy…the game is his


Mixon is a good buy low candidate. See if the owner who has him is sick of dealing with that current situation.