What's the best way to use the udk?

Just curious what do you guys find as the best approach to going through the udk?

What statistics do you feel are the most useful?

I only use UDK for reception perception and red zone stats. Don’t really find much value in the other stuff if you’re on top of your stuff. But if you don’t digest a lot of news/content/podcasts/blogs etc, then the other tools under research are pretty good.

In one important way, it’s like any rankings system; It’s useful as a baseline from which you yourself can tweak.

In other words, don’t be a lemming and use it blindly or uncritically; that approach tends to promote complacency, less inclination to inform yourself of what’s going on. Use the UDK as a starting point and assess critically while keeping up on the various forms of news that are important for assessing fantasy value.

Also, the fact that they themselves update the rankings based on these developments is really helpful. But it certainly doesn’t make their rankings the final word.

And the guys themselves say this more than occasionally.

It’s among the best starting points I’ve used for making my rankings my own, but it’s not the only one.

I was just curious what everyone’s individual process was. I’ve been using red zone , market share , target share , along with consistency to create my big board.

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Sounds like you’re using it correctly. Use it as another source of information but don’t simply rely on it. Make your own draft board as you’re doing with all the information you’ve gathered.

I don’t really do rankings. I just tier people by position group and when I’m drafting, look at how each position group’s tiers dry out. My strategy changes depending on the ebs and a flow of how the draft is going. Important to understand your leaguemates. I don’t use the UDK rankings at all. I just basically use my own tiers and compare it with ADP to see when and where I can target players earlier/later.

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