What's the best website to hold an AUCTION DRAFT?

I’m starting a 14-team Dynasty League at MyFantasyLeague.com, but have only done auctions on CBS, so I’m looking for recommendations, as to WHERE to hold my auction?

Should I just stay with whatever auction room that MFL provides?

Or should I hold my auction on another site?

Many thanks for your suggestions… And if any of you are interested, I still have a handful of spots open for my 14 Dynasty league. Below you’ll find the information regarding the league.

Introducing the Cult of Manliness Dynasty League

If you’re interested, please reach out to me, Jason at Juno3127@yahoo.com

I’ve been playing fantasy football since 1998 and I am finally venturing in to creating and managing my own DYNASTY League.

My goal (Plain and Simple) is for this to become your favorite league.

A full rule book is available upon request, but here are the important highlights that make this league unique…

This is a 14-Team PPR Superflex Dynasty League with IDPs (Individual Defensive Players)

There will be FOUR IDPs starting every week

The bulk of your roster will carry over from year to year with only small changes made to rosters in between seasons.

The website we will use is MyFantasyLeague.com. Honestly, I have never played on MFL before, but from everything I’ve heard and read, it is the most versatile league manager website and has proven very effective and easy to use so far.

The yearly entry fee will be $210.00 which includes the MFL League Manager Site fee divided 14 ways.

There will be a yearly prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place which will be determined by the total amount of money accumulated throughout the season from entry fees and transaction fees.

Every 3rd season, the yearly prize will be increased (All of the transaction fees will be pooled) to add a significant amount of money to the CHAMPION’s prize.

All disputes between owners will be decided by a rotating THREE-OWNER TRIBUNAL, which will include myself and two other team managers that will be randomly selected every season. Myself, and these two other owners will also serve to make all decisions on the validity of any trades that occur. If a trade is made between one or two of the owners within the tribunal, a secondary member or members of the league (Pre-determined at the beginning of the season) will serve to help determine if the trade is fair or not. This tribunal system is reflective of a checks and balances system designed to ensure that the league manager (who will always be part of the yearly tribunal) can always be vetoed if the other two members disagree with his decision. This reduces the risk of any collusion when it comes to conflict resolution.

Any major rule changes will be made in the OFF-SEASON. Unless the rule is crucial to maintain the fairness and integrity of the league or there was an obvious error made in the initial scoring system setup, there will be no rule changes during the football season.

There will be an IR spot on each roster, but ONLY for players who are actually on Injured reserve (Not “OUT” or “Questionable” or “Suspended” etc). This is almost a necessity for any dynasty league, as players are kept from year to year.

In this Superflex format, each roster will contain 13 starters and 11 bench spots and one optional IR spot with the starting lineup containing… 1- QB, 2-RBs, 2-WRs, 1-TE, 1-FLEX (RB, WR or TE), 1-SUPERFLEX (any position), 1-Kicker, 1-Defensive Lineman, 1-Linebacker, 1-Defensive Back & 1- IDP FLEX

The initial draft will be an AUCTION draft with each team beginning with a $250 budget. This initial draft will include all of the 2018 rookies.

There will not be an auction draft for any future seasons. Instead, there will be a 5-round snake draft for rookies and a 5-round snake draft for veterans that were released at the end of the previous season. These will be SLOW drafts that will take place in the early Spring, shortly after the NFL draft takes place. A SLOW DRAFT will be done via email, where owners will email the commissioner their picks as they come up. Owners will have a specific amount of time to make those picks (24-48 hours, likely).

The bottom EIGHT teams in the standings at the end of the regular season will compete for the three-round “Toilet Bowl” in which the teams will vie for the first overall pick in the rookie draft the following season. This will be for the first round ONLY. This player will have their normal spot in the draft for rounds 2-5.

The draft order for the Rookie and Veteran drafts will be determined by the AVERAGE POINT TOTALS of the previous season for all the games played by that team, which could be anywhere between 14-17 games. This is designed specifically to reduce the temptation (and almost eliminates the possibility for) “tanking”

Draft picks (either Rookie or Veteran) can be traded or packaged in a trade during the season or during the off-season, before or after the draft order has been determined. Any picks exchanged can only be for the following season or the one thereafter.

Transaction Fees are charged at $1 per transaction/per player. A Transaction consists of Trades, Free
Agents, and Waiver pick-ups. Dropping players without adding a player is not a chargeable transaction. Transaction Fees are due on or before the Championship game to ensure proper payouts as soon as the season ends.

This league will use a FREE AGENT ACQUISITION BUDGET system (FAAB) for weekly waivers, where each owner will be allotted $200 of FAAB money to spend on a weekly auctions for free agents. The highest bidder will be rewarded the player. If two owners bid the same amount of money for the same player, the team with the lowest total amount of points scored so far will be awarded the player.

Leftover draft budget money will be added to the FAAB budget pool and any FAAB money not used at the end of the season will ROLLOVER into the follow season’s FAAB budget.
Initial FAAB waivers will run on Wednesday night. Waivers will also run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, as well.

There will be a weekly prize of $10.00 awarded to the owner of the team who scores the most points for the week. This will be added to their final prize money at the end of the season.


Rosters are LOCKED once a team is eliminated from the playoffs and will be unlocked once the fantasy season in completed to allow for trades in the off-season.

At the end of each season until the Rookie/Veteran drafts, each owner must release up to TEN players on their roster based on how many draft picks they own at the end of the season and keep the remaining players on their roster. These are FREE and no transaction fees will apply.

The amount of players that a team releases to free agency determines how many rookie and veteran draft picks they can use in the following off-season. If an owner does not release TEN players, they will only hold the amount of draft picks in the rookie and/or veteran drafts that they released off their roster. For example, an owner who releases SEVEN players off his roster at the end of a season can only use 7 draft picks the following off-season, perhaps using four picks in the rookie draft and three picks in the veteran draft.

Kickers will be NERFED to soften their overall impact on scoring. 2 points per field goal with .5 points added for every 10 yards (See Rules for specific details).

QB’s will be NERFED (Slightly) with .03 points per passing yard and 4 points per passing TD.

The rules of this league are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. What I mean, specifically is… This is my first time in a dynasty league and my first time as a league manager, so I will ask for (and reasonably expect) a certain level of patience with the rules and functionality of the league. Ultimately, any final decisions on rule changes will be made by the Commissioner, but everyone else who invests in this league will also have a say in those rule changes. Unless there is a rule that was overlooked and is vital to the integrity of the league, there will be NO RULE CHANGES MADE DURING THE SEASON

1st- $2,000+Trophy (Buying that, myself).
2nd- $500
3rd- $200
4th- $150
5th- $100
6th- $50

Toilet Bowl winner gets NO MONEY, but does get the #1 overall selection in the rookie draft.

I will be purchasing the league trophy with my own money. I am appreciative of everyone who is willing to trust my vision and sign up for this league, so this is the least I can do.

Roster limits will include: