What's the cost for Diggs?

My Team is as follows:

QB - Kirk
TE - Uzumah, Engram
WR - Tyreek, Jarvis, Kenny G, Kirk
RB - DJ, Kerryon, Chubb, Cook, Hyde

Who can I trade for Diggs at this point? Is it Kirk + Hyde? Edit: it’d be Christian Kirk + Hyde

No chance. QBs are streamable and Hyde just joined a committee so his value has dropped unless we get news that Lenny is completely fubarred

I’m assuming he meant Christian Kirk + Hyde.
You can try and use the Hyde hype to get him with that but if I was the Diggs owner, I’d want Golladay from you.

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Even so, gimmie Diggs of Golladay.

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i likd diggs for golladay

Would someone who needs TE or DEF give up Diggs for Graham + Chester Rodgers? Or MIN defense + Chester?

No, I meant Golladay in place of Kirk. So, Hyde + Golladay.

I doubt it. Graham + Rodgers is possible, but they should want more. If they say yes, it’s more an overreaction to Graham’s good last game and Digg’s two week fantasy slump.

You’re going to offend them by offering a defense + Chester…

Agree. I think you’d have to offer Hyde + Golladay or Landry. If I was the Diggs owner, I wouldn’t take the deal because I’m pessimistic about Hyde ROS.

Haha everyone gets so offended when defensE is part of an offer you’re right. I drafted mine though! And they are putting up points because as good as anybody now lol - Min and Hou. I feel like it’s hard to find d’s that you start feeling good about getting 15+ pts in many matchups. Thete are like 5 max of those and then everything else should just be streaming options by week. I think Houston and Vikings are two that you feel fine holding g and playing all year though.

Haha sorry I still agree it will be offensive looking. Just trying to justify it when I ended up with both Bc of yahoo auto drafting…lol. Although both are doing great now and it is kinda hard to give one up ha.

That’s true, but defenses are easy to replace by streaming week to week. Minnesota gets NO next week, so they’re probably are better options streaming, as good as they’ve been lately.

I streamed Colts D on a number of teams this week and they outperformed many better defenses. Even when I was against someone playing Rams D vs. SF, I only lost the matchup by 6 points. I wouldn’t give up anything of value for a DST in a trade because of that