What's the Deal With Jared Goff?

I’ve looked at a bunch of experts’ fantasy rankings and their placement of Jared Goff boggles my mind. Most have him as QB11-13 which feels ridiculously low for a still-improving QB with the best WR trio in the game. AND with a star RB that may or may not be on a touch limit (more throwing?). What am I missing? I think I may have him as high as my QB5 behind Mahomes, Watson, Luck, and Rodgers.

Putting guys like Big Ben, Dak, Jameis, Kyler, and Russell Wilson (even Baker Mayfield who’s generally ranked way higher than Goff) ahead of him feels inexplicably wrong. What’s with the Goff hate? He was great last year and I don’t see a reason why the good times can’t keep on rolling.

We talking dynasty here or redraft? If it’s dynasty, Goff is probably a top 10 guys. It’s mainly cause the QB position is so deep its hard to move him above certain guys. But would rank following all above goff:

Mahomes, Watson, Luck, Baker, Rodgers. After that, the guys in the next tier are all interchangeable tbh. Can make a case for all of them.

Goff, Wentz, Murray, Cam, Dak, Ryan. I think people’s main problem with goff is the same with Big Ben. His splits vs bad vs top defenses is very noticeable. Same with indoor outdoor. Doesn’t have the consistency of some of the other guys around that position.

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I was talking redraft. The QB position is really deep but I consider Goff slightly above all of them. Even more a reason for me to wait forever on QB this year.

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And that’s totally fine but your post was asking about why this is the case and I’m just saying there’s a case to be made for anyone in that 2nd group being in whatever order and it’s not wrong. If you have Goff leading that pack, the totally fine. I just don’t think the delta is that much tbh. Like I couldn’t care less if i got goff or dak prescott or matt ryan as my QB.

Mike is right on. Below the top 5 guys the tier gets really jumbled. But Kyler, Russel, Cam, and Dak run, which amps up their numbers big time. but looking at wentz, ryan and goff they would all be in that 9-11 range.

Big Ben in for regression to the mean though. Personally not touching him in redraft.

fantasy index has him at #4 or 5 I believe. They figure Rams will have a top 5 passing offense and they might be ready to open things up even more.

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