What's the difference between a keeper league and a dynasty league?

Are they used interchangeably? If there’s a difference, is it based on how many players you carry over from one year to the next?

And have you ever heard of an empire league?

Dynasty league : no limit on how many years you keep a player and roster size is 20-30players

Keeper league: usually a 3 year max on a player and rosters are normal sizes 16-20

That a very basic explanation… but usually it’s the length of time and as well as roster size that determine the difference.

And NO I have never heard of an empire

Thanks for that explanation. It makes sense to me now. So there is still a yearly draft for new players, I assume, and you can trade players for draft positions?

An empire league is a dynasty league (I think) that has a larger goal and end game. Each year only half of the money is paid out in prize money and the rest goes into a pot. The pot grows every year until someone wins the league two years in a row and then they get the pot and the league disbands. It could be a short run, but if the league is competitive it is very difficult to win twice in a row. This also sort of solves the problem of having leagues that go on and on with no end in sight and people gradually lose interest and drop out.

With keeper there is always a yearly draft and usually only 1 draft.

With dynasty leagues it can go either 1 or 2 drafts… Most dynasty leagues are usually 2 drafts… You have a rookie draft right after NFL draft happens in April… And depending on the league you usually draft 3-10 rookies at that time.

Then in August before the regular season starts you have a normal draft for all other players and any rookies that were not drafted.

But there is so many wrinkles with each league that this varies some.

Wow very interesting… Does sound kinda of a cool. Way to kind end the league… As after 5 years or so unless you have a really active tight nit group the league seems to stall… So kinda a nice way to keep plp involved and have a end game

It occurs to me that it doesn’t matter what kind of league it is. Any league could hold out part of the fees to carry over until someone wins two in a row. They don’t have to disband at that point, but at least it’s a fixed goal and end game if that’s what they want to do.

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Yeah man, an Empire League is a dynasty league. There are a ton of rules for them but you can simplify them. I am actually starting one this year with people that I have been playing with over a few leagues. I pretty much only invited the most competitive team owners from the other leagues. The Empire pot can get pretty large so it’ll keep it exciting over the years to come hopefully.

But yup, Keeper - you keep 1 to however many players you set. They come at a draft cost where you lose that draft pick for whatever the cost is.

Dynasty - you keep all of your players. After the first year, you have an annual draft but it is only rookies and free agents. First year draft is either a combined veteran and rookie draft or 2 separate.

Empire is just a dynasty league with the Empire pot going to the champion of 2 consecutive seasons.

Dynasty and Empire usually have a large bench. I follow the Footballers structure and have a 16 player bench…looooooooong draft.

Sorry it’s late…I just saw this. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck!