What's the trade value for Ingram and Akers at this moment

I currently own both Ingram and Akers and what do you think their trade values are? what would I be able to get for them at this point? I’m getting over the wait and see what happens since both players will be in a committee and they are good enough you cant drop them. My other two backs are Kamara and A. Jones.

Unfortunately, Ingram has not looked great this year. Currently as it stands, you may be lucky to get low-end RB2 value for Ingram.

Akers has a rib injury currently and just doesnt seem to fit in the offense like the Rans had hoped he would.

Unless you can find a Barkley/McCaffrey owner who is desparate for an RB ans you can sell both as a package, I think you will be hard pressed to find anyone willing to trade for either, currently.