What's this noise about Bell sitting out 10 weeks?

Is Florio just click baiting fans or is this even close to being legitimate? I realize he as a human can choose to do this but what legitimate evidence is there to make him think this is likely?

As of right now, it is just based on this Adam Schefter quote he on Sirius XM Nfl Radio

"“I think it’s possible Le’Veon Bell sits out the first half of the year if he doesn’t get a long-term deal done. The goal at that point would be to hit 2019 free agency healthy, not rack up another 400 touches.”

That is all we know right now.

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Its just noise right now…they say Bell’s camp did that just to pressure on PITT. He’s always a little risky because of this contract BS, he always sits out camp and takes a couple weeks to get his sea legs…

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I definitely am not counting on a deal getting done today but no way he leaves $8.5 million to the wind to sit out 10 weeks right? I mean am I delusional that just “inside source” BS right? No possible chance he makes up that loss in any future contract regardless of the team…

In case he does decide to sit out, who’s the guy to own? Conner or Samuels?

Samuels, dude is a beast.

Conner would be my reluctant handcuff right now. Until we see how they plan to utilize Samuels (just gonna be 3rd to go and goal line guy or would they actually put a committee format together?) and how he actually performs at this level.