What's TOO early for Carson?

I think Carson has been seriously undervalued the last two years. But what’s too early for him? I personally would take him at the 2.06/2.07. Am I being a big ole dumb-dumb?

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On production you can justify taking him there.

It really depends on whether you think you can get him later. But I have no problem with taking him.


I mean he’s typically been there end of 3rd in every mock. If you want him then call your shot but if you could start your draft with Carson as your RB3. You can coast and go WR the next 7 rounds and feel good


Yeah thats a good pt. Ive just had him the last 2 years and won back-to-back titles with him so might be a lil biased lol

I am with you. I love Chris Carson. He’s great for sure and under appreciated, but I’d think 3/4 he’ll likely still be there. I’d go 3rd to be safe. I have yet to see him go before then in all the drafts I’ve been a part of this season (~15 total). Those are not mocks BTW. I agree to get him if he’s your guy, but I think you can safely take him mid 3rd. If you are late 3rd I could see jumping early just to be sure, but probably anywhere out through 3.7 you are okay. I mean, 3.7 is the 31st player off the board so even if you miss there should still be strong options. FWIW though I’d prefer him not being my RB1. He certainly could be, but I’d rather him be my RB2.

Yeah i think ill try to nab him in the 3rd. I think im the highest on him in my League so I got that going for me☺️

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I do not think that’s really a reach anyway, so assuming he’s there I’d say it is a fine time. Even if he is not valued there, his production definitely justifies it.

I took him as my RB2 at the 3.05, which felt a tiny bit early but the other teams were vacuuming up potential top 12 RBs so I reached. Mid-second is probably too early.