What's up with Joe?

What’s the thought on burrow in a sf start up? i’ve got cmc and mixon and its coming to my 3rd and 4th pick in the 4th/5th round and im thinking of taking dobbins and burrow but i have an offer for my 501 so i’m deciding if i should take burrow or dobbins if i make the trade. not sure if I’m over valuing him cause its SF when i could get dobbins and then still get something like goff and ryan at the 510 and 601 (made some trades already earlier). So i guess it would come down to burrow and maybe swift/akers if one makes it down to me or motgomery/hunt if they don’t. Or Dobbins and Goff/Ryan.

Thank you in advance!

Burrow and Dobbins are great picks there. You’re in good shape whatever you decide.

Have fun with it.

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took dobbins and traded the 501 and 1210 for the 710 910 and 1001 we’ll see how it goes!

That’s a tight move. Well done.