What's up with Lev bell?

Guy looks great running the ball but they give him roughly 10 carries and a bullshit over turn on a touchdown. Any reason the Steelers are throwing the ball on 1st and goal all night and still while up 20 points lol? Definitely a tough night in standard scoring in a must win matchup

I’m sure it’s because they watched the teams tapes showing how vulnerable the Tennessee secondary is. Brown exploited that tonight. From what it looks like though, Ben is out to prove a point that he still has it as well.

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Don’t trade him. It was a Thursday game against an opponent that would have preferred to have gotten into a 30 touches for the rbs kind of game.

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Fair points and definitely not looking to trade Bell by any means was just concerned over his usage tonight. Bell was running great and certainly passed the eye test was just frustrating to see a 40-17 game that the Steelers dominated and hardly any carries. Fortunately it was only one player, but I’m in the lead in my division by 1 game playing the opponent right behind me so definitely a must win after a loss last week. I appreciate all the input just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything about his usage