What's Up with Trey Sermon?

Was following the 49ers beat reporters all offseason, and they had glowing reviews of Sermon. He was locked in to be the rb2 and take over the starting job once Mostert was finished. Now he doesn’t dress because he’s 4th on the depth chart? What the hell happened?

Should I overreact and spend a crap ton of FAAB on Moore? Part of me feels like Sermon and Aiyuk did something to piss off the team short term, but they’ll quickly climb back up towards the top of the depth chart. What do you guys think?

I think coaches just thought Mitchell was further along first week. Niners run a ton but which guy gets the work week to week is another story.

Would you drop Sermon for Eli Williams or better to hold on to Sermon or drop him and pick up someone below.

Jamaal Williams
Eli Williams

I’d hold both 49er backs and if I couldnt get them I’d look for Hasty or Jeff Wilson just in case depending on what you need but any on e of those four could pop you a big single week while Mostert is out.

Hyde and even Singletary are probably expendable. I liked Ingram’s usage in Houston as along as he’s healthy.

Fuller is in my IR spot too.

Might flip him to the Edmonds owner as I am good at WR and then drop Sermon

Other RB

Javonte Williams