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What's Wares value?


After the news of hunt being released waste is now starting for the chiefs. I have him on my bench but my other RB’s are as follows


I’m in a standard league and looking to trade for a WR as I’m a bit light my WRs are


What value do you think I could get for ware as this is my first ever season in fantisy and trades are my weakest point


Ware is probably a low end RB1/top end RB2. Your RBs are pretty awesome and top two WRs are starters. If you’re looking for WR depth, find another team who has a few top 15ish WRs and try a one for one. Or trade Ekeler to the Gordon owner for a WR.


Rb2 with rb1 upside. Well see if he can handle the full load of work which I think he can. Hes not as dynamic as hunt but he is a talented rb.


Dude you have Lindsay and Barkley, you’re set. Trade Lindsay for a top tier WR. I just got Bell out of him.


Ware - Solid RB 2, with a ton of upside.