What's with the Bucs Offense

I have Evans, Martin and Brate, Had to play them all due to BYEs.

Is it time to shop these guys? I have Gronk so Id like to sell Brate at the least

TB has definitely under performed expectations but there was a lot that happened today (Jameis injured, fights) so you have to take today’s game with a grain of salt. Since you have Gronk I would definitely sell Brate but I don’t think Martin has much value right now relative to his talent, and Evans is a true #1 receiver which are not easy to come by.

ya, both Martin and Evans are too talented to sell for pennies. Brate I will part ways with for a little less just because I don’t plan on playing him ROS.

Plus Martin, I can play based on matchup since I have Howard and Forunette.

But what about frickin peyton barber coming in overtaking the carries? I’m a little worried about martin. His ceiling looks to be 15 and I regret turning trades down for crabtree, dez, and miller now.

I heard that was mainly because the game was out of hand.

Still not loving his performance as of late though