What's Wrong With My Team?

I’m about to be 3-5 and I think I have a relatively good team and I’m not sure what to do to change things? I’ve been thinking of trading Ajayi but I don’t know who I can package with him and what I can get. Any suggestions would be great.
QB: Watson
RB: Zeke, Gordon, Ajayi, Mcfadden, Morris, Powell
WR: Julio, Diggs, Ginn, Shepard
TE: ASJ, Rudolph

Bump, anyone have any advice for what I can change?

julio’s slow start, a dud game by zeke, and diggs missing is probably to blame. i’d think about packaging one of your TEs w/ ajayi for a more sure thing WR2, I’m a bit nervous about diggs if he can’t get to 100% healthy.


I traded Diggs for that reason

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i think you can more expect wr3 from diggs (and shepard) for most games moving forward, but diggs will have WR1 upside if he gets healthy

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I agree. Trade ASJ while he still has value. Im a huge Jets fan, and while Im happy that they have a receiving TE for the first time in my lifetime, it also looks too good to be true. Rudolph has proven production, ASJ comes and goes. Trade him and Ginn for another receiver.

I was also 3-5 last year, flipped it to 5-3 barring a disaster tonight. I went to 3-7 last year after week 10, won 6 in a row after including my championship game. Sometimes luck doesn’t go your way, but it can change.

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Thanks for the advice guys