Whats wrong with my team?

So, im in a super competitive league, i started 5-1 and this week marks my 3 consecutive loss. 5-4, risking missing the playoffs if this continues. The problem is: my team is actually a great! What can i do to get my mojo back? I need some optimistic words from the footclan to not go crazy with this 3 losses lol.
Standard 12 team, this is my roster:
Cam newton
Melvin gordon, jordan howard, lamar miller, nick chubb, jalen richard
Julio jones, adam thielen, manny sanders, sutton, dj moore and crabtree
Trey burton, jordan reed
Ravens d/st

Man this is a killer squad… Just some tough luck man… Not having Gordon for 2 weeks didnt help but I would just hang tight… this ship will right it self soon enough I think

  1. your team is strong and has a lot of depth
  2. you should always have a weekly advantage at the WR position.

I think you can make a super team if there’s an RB heavy team that’s weak at WR and has a losing record. I’d consider packaging Sutton and one of your RBs not named M Gordon for an upgrade.

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Thanks fellas, my luck has just been the worst this past weeks… gordon out for 2 of them, ravens d/st with negative points… all my losses were by less than 5 points. This sucks lol