What's your best trade?

I wanna hear what you’ve picked up!

It’s not the best trade, but I just traded Yeldon and Kittle( I also have Burton) for Keenan Allen.
I have Zeke, Howard, Freeman, Kerryon and Michel. I needed some WR help and I think Allen is going to be great. I mean, he’s a round 2 WR. So I feel good!

This is robbery. Great trade.

Going to have to stick with me cause my leagues a bit more complicated and its a keeper league and superflex but through a series of transactions and waivers, i basically traded my way up from Watkins to Keenan Allen doing the following:

Part 1 (Preseason):
Give: Watkins, Baker
Receive: Michel, Golladay

Part 2 (Preseason):
Give: Nuk, Golladay, R. Smith
Receive: MT, Kupp

Part 3 (After week 2):
Give: Burton, C. Godwin
Receive: S. Darnold, Duke Johnson

Part 4 (after week 3):
Give: Kupp, Buck Allen, Lindsay
Receive: B. Cooks

Part 5 (After week 4):
Give: B. Cooks, Mariota, Darnold, 2019 13th round pick
Receive: Keenan Allen, Baker, 2019 7th round pick

Essentially though through all of this, I netted myself the following:

Give: Watkins, Mariota, Burton, Godwin, 13th round pick and Lindsay/Allen who I acquired via waivers
Receive: Keenan Allen, Baker Mayfield (14th round keeper), Michel (7th round keeper), 7th round pick

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And you ended up with Keenan Allen and MT? Ah- awesome. Way to pursue all the way through.
Is there usually that much movement in your keeper league?

Best trade I ever did was Michael Vick for Knowshon Moreno straight up around week 2 or 3 of the 2013 season. Vick gets hurt and only plays a handful of games while Moreno was in my starting lineup getting 1000 and 10.

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I traded Jay Ajayi and Larry fitz after week one for Devante Adams and kerryon

Then also week one I flipped kerryon and James Connor for Kareem hunt

Then week 3 I traded Robert woods and Matt breida for Jordan Howard

Now this week I traded James white and ty hilton for OBJ and Leonard Fournette

Been a solid time for me.

Got Adam thielen, Devante Adams and obj as my receivers and Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon, Jordan Howard and Leonard Fournette as my running backs haha I’m pretty happy about my trades

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Dayum! Hustle machine!

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We do 3 WRs in that league and my WRs are actually MT/OBJ/Allen. Pretty lethal starting WR group with Michel/kerryon/A Jones at RB.

I try to drive a lot of trade activity. I’m always the first to make trades and lead the league in transactions. This year has been especially active though. Having the keeper component helps as it creates more trade opportunities/strategies between teams trying to build for next year and teams going all in on this year. So far this year, there’s been 10 trades (3-4 blockbusters) and I’m involved in 7 of them lol. Definitely my favorite league to be in. I usually initiate the action though. I’m always going after my buy low candidates and trying to construct trades with teams in need.

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I’ve been wheeling and dealing this year but my best steal so far was finagling Robert Woods and Zach Ertz for Mark Ingram and Tevin Coleman after week 2 (when Coleman’s value was highest and Woods’ was lowest). The initial offer was the same but without Woods involved, which I would’ve accepted, but I feigned reluctance and eventually he threw Woods in. I’ve started him every week since.

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