Whats your Fave Draft Position in a 12 team league?

What draft position do you prefer to draft from in a Half point PPR 12 man league?

#1over all?.. #5,6,7 middle of the pack kinda thing… Near the bottom so you can get 2 players right away ?

Where do you feel is the best spot to draft this season

I like the way the the board comes to me at 5 or 6 better than at either end in 12 team mocks, especially as you get into rounds 3 thru 10, where championships are won or lost!

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I think this year in a redraft league I would want to be at #4 (if I can get specific). That way you get one of the big four (Barkely, Elliot, Kamara, CMC) while still getting the 2nd round pick back to you getting your choice of (Evans, Brown, Allen or Thielen assuming you go WR).

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Yea one of the big 4 would be amazing. What happens though if Zeke holdout continues into the season? Nuke at 4? DJ ?

So far this year in the mock drafts I am doing I like to be in 9-10 spot. I feel like there is a lot of great options in the beginning of the second round but about halfway through that round the talent drops so I like that backend 1st with a high 2nd. I have been grabbing a elite wr and being to pair him with a Joe Mixon, James Connor level rb in the first couple rounds. Then in the 3rd and 4th round getting another good wr and then a rb like Mack, who I actually have really good feeling on this year, or Carson.