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Whats your most memorable moment in Fantasy Football?


For me, other than winning the championship, was playing against my brother in law 2 years ago. All he needed was for Calvin Johnson to score a TD against the Seahawks. On the Lions last possession of the game, Calvin catches the ball and is about to cross the goal line, and out of nowhere comes Kam Chancellor and gives Calvin the ol’ peanut punch just before he crosses the line. BOOOM!!!


I dont remember the players involved, but i was down like 30 points to my dad. He had 4 players left, i had 2. It was all over, dads taking his victory lap. But then i just remember seeing my points climb and climb as my last 2 tore it up. I dont remember the players, but i sure as hell remember the score. 188 to 187. We were number 1 and number 2 in scoring that day and i will NEVER let him live that down.


Oh, and also last year going david johnson number 2 overall, and then when it wrapped around i picked up zeke. They laughed at me for wasting my picks. I just smiled cause i had a good feeling. They said i picked DJ way too high. That he was the number 10 pick at best. And then there was, “zeke in fhe second are you kidding? He is a rookie! Har har waste your picks!” And damn did it feel good when they first started going off at the same time. It was just one big F you to my whole league.


My best memory was from 2 years ago. I needed to win my last 3 games (and get some help) in order to make the playoffs. I win those games and get the help that I need to sneak in as the last seed. I then go on to beat my best friends (who the best man at my wedding) and my brother (who was the defending league champ) to win the championship. It was great because I am the commissioner of the league and had never won it.


My Dad’s league used to have a team called the rooks. That team was a punishment and was comprised of only those players left over after the other 11 teams had drafted. My Mom got that team and made it to the superbowl…against my Dad. The house was chaos of yelling and laughter and Yukon Jack. QB Bubby Brister ended up having an awful game losing it for my Momma. They are now divorced.


There was one week I beat my league rival via a stat correction. I believe Roethlisberger was credited a passing TD, but later it was ruled a backwards pass (run). In 2013, I believe.


Just a regular season game last year, but a memorable one nonetheless. I was up 10 in a full point PPR league going into Monday night. It was Atlanta vs. New Orleans, a guaranteed shoot out. I knew it was all over. Especially because my opponent had Brandon Cooks and Julio Jones. The final game score was something like 38-35. You had to figure both Cooks and Julio would go off or at least one of them! But neither did!? Cooks had (I think) 1 catch for 10 yards and Jones hardly did better. Who would have thunk it??? So no matter how bad it looks, or how much you are up… never count the game as won or lost until it’s in the books!


My first season, my first championship everything happened last year. I would say better matches was twice vs my brother and surviving the 50 points week of Leveon.

Regarding the games vs my brother (in the league everyone called that games “the Ortiz Bowl” ha) and putting together both games scores I think I’m up for less than 3 complete points ( I won both games) but the first one in the week 4 was decided just hyper-bananas! We enter to the Sunday night with our TEs left to play, me with Kielce vs Pitts that Sunday and Rudolph in MNF vs NYG and I was up by 4 or something. Well Mr. Andy Reed decided that Kielce will be useful just for blocking that night and the production was just KILLING ME deep in the 4th qtr, Pitts already with this 43 or something points and my superstar TE in standard scoring doing less than 2 points…

Man o man that LAST pass of Alex Smith in the 4th with nothing to fight for pass through a bunch of secondary arms but made it to Kielce in the End Zone (and total of not more than 23 yes in the game). Oh yeah I scream like an idiot in joy, that put my brother and Rudolph in the situation of 12.15 or something in order to beat me …

MNF was a torture, very early in the game Rudolph start producing vs one of the worst defenses vs TE (at the time was not colar that tittle)"and score a freaking TD! a couple of times he was barely stopped before just took the 7 yards he end being short for achieve my potential defeat. He scored 11.50 just 0.65 under what my bro was needing.

Second time he left Rawls and 26 points in the bench and Howard save me from the disaster with 31 and something point and I won for less that 2 complete points ha.

And the day I survived th 50+ Leveon Bell scores, well my opponent had Drew Bree’s too and that day he only score 3 points at TB. Won by over 10 points thanks to Aaron and a deep team with a superb Tevin Coleman that day scoring over 17 from the FLEX spot.


I won the first year of my keeper league in 2000 when Terrell Owens had 20 catches.