What's your one "dream" rule change for your league of record?

If you could force through one rule change in your league of record, what would it be?
(Assume this is something your league isn’t already on board with. Hence the “force”.)

My 15 year old league is keeper / snake draft with some fun rules to promote involvement and flexibility. But the one change I’d love:

Have an auction style rookie draft. How it would work:

When >> After the NFL Draft but before our annual snake draft.
What >> Teams can nominate rookies and bid on them auction style.
How >> Bidding capital is a team’s draft picks from the upcoming snake draft.

Example >> Nominate Saquon, say you’ll use your 2.08 draft pick for him. Get outbid by the team with the 2.02… then the 1.11… Do you then use your 1.05 to get him? Or will even that get outbid?

That’d give a league the fun of both an auction as well as snake.

Boy, I love that idea. I just started a dynasty league for newbies (like myself) and may consider using something like that.

My rule change I have wanted to implement is going to be used in our dynasty league. We’re on the Sleeper App and it allows for something I’ve heard about for a few years. Instead of just playing one head-to-head game each week, you play an additional game against the league. If you score in the top half of the league for the week, you get a win. If you’re in the bottom half of the league, you get a loss. That way if you have the 2nd highest score of the week, but lose to the highest score, you still go 1-1 instead of 0-1. It’s all meant to mitigate against luck that allows some teams into the playoffs because their points against is really low. It seems like a fair compromise between having it all based just on total points (which some leagues do) and having it all based on head-to-head matchup.

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One down side to this is that if the currency is picks than a team can only use each one ‘once’. Where as with a budget, say $50 = 1.01, a franchise can break that up in anyway they see fit. Bid all on best player or bid on several cheaper options.

I use this in a league and enjoy it greatly. We called it Victory Points (VP).

It’s being over technical but I hesitate to call this playing ‘against the league’. In some leagues you actually have two matches. I play two other teams ,Team B and Team C, in one week.

Potentially, a another way (to explain the same thing):
Each week a win gets you a VP.
Each week a top half scoring teams get a VP.

I guess it’s just another way to look at it. :wink:

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It’s sort of how European Soccer leagues rank their teams. It’s not exactly win/loss record, but total points (with those coming from wins and ties). In your case, points come from winning your H2H matchup and being one of the highest scoring teams for the week. I like that rule. Might need to switch over to Sleeper to take advantage of it…

You can do this in MFL too.

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Another (minor) rule change that came up watching the AFC & NFC Championship games:

Tackles for a loss – whether on a run or a reception – should be +1 pt for a Defense. The result is the exact same as a sack, so why not reward them equally?


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In my redraft league I always keep tabs on what our standings would look like if we had that system in place. This year I was in the bottom half of scoring for the first 4 weeks, but finished 9-5. I was 8-6 in the head-to-head record so would have made the playoffs either way. I won the championship so it was all good, but just nice to have another metric to measure teams.

I’m not a DEF scoring guru… but a DEF would likely already get the point(s) for a tackle and the negative yards would apply to the total yards allowed. No?

However, I could still absolutely see rewarding a DEF an extra point for a play resulting in a loss of yards.

My rule to force would be to require all trade offers to be accepted or rejected, with comment, within 72 hours.

Oh, what a world?!

All of the leagues I’m a part of have the default Yahoo scoring for defense – which doesn’t take into account tackles or yards allowed. Just points for… points allowed, sacks, INT/fumbles, blocked kick or FG, TDs scored. (I might be missing something.)

The other thing I was always a bit confused by was why D/ST doesn’t include points accrued by the kicker. He’s part of the special teams!