Whats your outlook for Ingram ROS?

Ive been stashing Ingram and he’s back next week… With the way Kamara is playing do you think he will be used all that much?

Will he be productive?
Should I consider trading him?

Kamara is killing it so i’m curious what you guys think?

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I think he will be used less than he was last season unless he’s a complete beast from the outset. It does look to me like Kamara will cut into Ingram’s share of actual carries more than last season. But I can’t imagine Ingram won’t get his chances to show he deserves them. And if he does deserve them, then I can’t imagine he won’t be getting some consistent share of them ROS. But I don’t think it’ll be at the same level as last season. If you can address a big need and get something legit out of an Ingram trade, it might not be a bad idea.

I think hes going to be top 12 from week 7 on. Hes one of the freshest backs in the league due to not taking a pounding for 4 weeks. The Saints will go back to their offense from last year where they are in 21 personnel making mismatches at 3 different positions (respect the run by Ingram or Kamara, and Thomas and Kamara out of the backfield).

The reason I say week 7 on is because he will likely get limited usage in week 5 due to being out for so long and then they will go on bye.

I think they will have no choice but to use him. They want to keep Kamara around 20 touches max to prevent him from getting injured. Having a running back who is as talented as Ingram in the back field will help open up other opportunities for Thomas and Kamara (who has been lining up wide a lot more) like it did last year.

Ingram is going to be used heavily in my opinion. He is on the last year of his deal so they will look to pound him and keep Kamara fresh. Also expect him to run hard trying to get a contract.

He will get slightly less than last year. Solid RB2. He is also a good pass catcher. Saints don’t have any good WR’s outside of Michael Thomas so Ingram will be used often to mask that glaring defect. Mainly running but he will be getting passes. I tried to get him but I was not paying over $20. Think he went for $22.

It actually worked out because I snatched up Chris Thompson and James White $6 total. No way would I trade either one for Ingram either.