What's your superbowl MENU?

Always think this is a FUN topic come this time of year. Not real sure what we’re doing yet. We started a tradition years ago: Base your entire MENU THEME on the foods that seem to be the biggest “food fare” for the state/area that is hosting the SUPERBOWL each year.

LOL…problem was after a few years, so many of the TEAMS hosting the BIG GAME each year were coastal states…hence…seafood. WHICH CAN GET TO BE OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!! LOL

Anyway…so…just curious what y’all are planning this year. I’m sure things like: WINGS, ITALIAN BEEF SANDWICHES, NACHOS etc are more than likely on y’alls menus. BUT still…always fun to know what everybody else is planning on.

PS…will let y’all know what we finally decide for our big day!!! :grinning:

Bruh, you gotta have those little sausage weenies in bbq sauce. Then, pigs in a blanket and some velvetta cheese dip. Boooom.

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Velveeta hamburger dip is a must for me. Chicken wings, maybe some pizza. Since moving to Kansas City, some good old ribs and burnt ends have been a great addition to the menu. And of course some Coronas. Thanks Tony Romo.


semi naked baked wings (seasoning with enough breadcrumbs to give a crunch, but not to coat).

home made hummus and pita.

Amish Popcorn.


Wings and Legs grilled after marinade in 1/2 Dale’s/1/2 BBQ Sauce.

Homemade Bacon Horseradish dip w/fresh bacon, green onions and feta.

Crock pot queso w/ sausage/hamburger meat, rotel and fresh pico.

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Last year I brought two kinds of dip to the Super Bowl party: Philly Cheese Steak dip and New England clam dip.

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8 x 500ml cans of Heineken beer and a few ‘daddy’ cigarettes.
Pringles for nibbling.

That’s it

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