Wheeling and Dealing, Trade Zeke?

Hey guys I’m in a ppr league and am exploring a trade.

Right now my wr’s are Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, Crabtree, Pryor, Crowder and D Jax.

My rb’s are Zeke, Fournette and Jacquizz Rodgers.

The trade I’ve got in place is, Zeke, Crabtree and Pryor (Not a big believer in him) for Aj Green, Chris Thompson and D. Martin.

Now what I’d like to do if I make the trade is to turn D.Martin or Chris Thompson into Dalvin Cook.

So basically if I’m able to make this happen I’d be able to turn Zeke into Dalvin Cook and AJ Green. Thoughts?

If you can pull that off do it. Cook looks like the real deal and I’d be happy rolling out Cook/Fournette & AJ/Evans/Allen every week.