Whelp... that didn't work. Time to swing for the effing fences!

So I’m sitting here after putting in waivers last night.

Tried to:

  • Drop Burton for Brate.
  • Drop Baltimore DEF for Denver.
  • Drop J. Landry for Gus Edwards.

The only one that went through is Denver, which is nice, but I’m playing the #1 10-2 team this week. He’s got Mahomes, Antonio, OBjr, T. Hill and others. I’m in trouble.

I’m looking for lottery tickets. Potential blowup players that can make me for the week. My current roster and where I’m playing them for the week:

Yes, I’m playing DJ Moore over Landry. I just can’t do it, man. Landry’s been awful.

What players should I look at for big blowout possibilities?

Here’s the top of the waiver wire:

I don’t see any obvious moves. If you have ideas (especially at TE) I’m all ears and am willing to make drastic moves to win this week. (See previous post for insane league standings.)

Thanks for all your help, kids.


EDIT: Yeah, showing you the TE options would be nice of me, right?

What’s your TE options?

Honestly your team looks okay, I wouldn’t tilt too hard. I had to play my league’s #1 last week and like you, was panicking and wanted to make some big plays. But I was reminded anything can happen each week, players are so unpredictable sometimes, you just gotta trust in your lineup and go for it… I ended up beating the guy with my regular lineup who just played well and his didn’t.

Looking at your stack of Brees+Adams+CMC+Gurley I wouldn’t be worried. Trust in them to produce for you.

TE options added.

Every other week, I would totally agree with you, and I’m not going to do anything INSANE, but take a look at my league standings. This week is going to be huge for a lot of people.

Of course, you’re right, but I’ll just keep drinking lots of scotch just in case though…

Keep Burton as TE. That’s a solid play with his upside. I like your lineup though for sure. The only one I’m worried about is Tyler Lockett. He’s boom or bust, but that’s what you’re looking for. I think Todd Gurley has a monster week this week though. He has to make up for lost time over the past two weeks.

I would agree generally on Burton, but if McDonald is out for the Steelers, what do you all think of Jesse James as a boom/bust play? Though, now that I look at it, so it Burton. Dern…

That’s what I was just thinking @thomas_man.

@HonestThief…you’re looking really nice there. Not to mention that you’ve got Lockett and DJ Moore to throw in some extra pretty guaranteed pts to boot!!! :grinning:

@thomas_man @llc I hear you guys, I really do. I like my team a lot, but I’m TIED in 4th place with two other teams at 6-6. If there’s a move to make, I want to find it. Unfortunately, based on what’s out there and our discussion, I don’t really think there is.

Yeah I don’t really see any “must-adds” here so I’m not sure, I think you’ve just gotta hope for the best this week, good luck buddy!

I agree with most in that you’re not in a position to panic. Judging from your roster, you’re probably in the playoffs, and winning this week is likely not as critical. I’d stay put and prepare the best team for the playoffs.

Even if winning this week is critical, I think you have a very good shot at winning and I don’t see a strong move to better it. Seems like your opponent is stacked in WR and if all three hit big time, there’s not much you can do (specially considering the Maholmes/HIll stack), at least I don’t see a move that can overcome that.

I think you should also consider that WR outcomes are more volatile in nature than RBs, where your strength lies. I’d probably try to have a starting lineup that has a high floor so that you have good shot at winning, unless all 3 of their stud WRs hit, rather than play for the upside.

With that in mind, if I were you, I’d move DJ Moore to WR and sit Lockette, and have another RB start in the Flex. I think both Lewis or Yeldon are decent choices for RB3 this week. Yeah, they’re both in a timeshare and comes with risk but I think they have a decent floor. I’d personally lean towards Lewis in this week’s matchup but it’s a slightest of a lean, Yeldon’s a good play too, if you think Jax will be playing catchup. I’d look through the waivers with the same eye “who has the highest floor?” at a glance I don’t see any that are better than the 2RBs you already have.

Then think about the TE position in isolation. As a heavy investor in Burton in the draft this year, I can understand the frustration that comes with owning him. I sometimes feel that I wish he didn’t tease from time to time, so I can cut him. But most of us are in the same boat with TEs this year. For this game, I think the key is to look for the highest floor, which usually means whoever is getting the most consistent targets.

I’d probably look to the DEN @CIN game where the TE matchups are favorable in both ends and in an offence where TEs have had a decent target share. I think both Uzoma or LaCosse is a better play than Burton this week, but again ECR has Burton higher than both, so what do I know, it’s more of hunch, but I’d probably do it.

If you chose to go with either, you’d faced with the decision to whether drop Burton and stream the rest of the way, or drop someone like Landry and see if Burton becomes a consistent contributor at some point. We’ve played 12 weeks, so I think chances of Burton transforming all the sudden are slim. Right answer is probably cutting him and streaming, but I’ve found it difficult to do that in some of my leagues, specially being so high on him before the season (and his ECR is fairly stable). It’s your team, so you need to make the final call

One more little thing I noticed. I believe you’re using Yahoo. When I filter the waivers, I typically filter by “Season(avg)” or “Last4wks(avg)” if I want to focus on more recent trends. Reason here is that the playing time can vary quite significantly by this time of the season, and you don’t want that to skew the rankings you see. It’s not perfect, but it’s easier for me than to use totals. This might’ve been something obvious to you, but thought to share.

Like I said in the beginning, I think you have a really solid roster, I don’t think its the time to make a knee jerk move, rather stay put and prepare for the playoffs.

Good luck

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@mocho Now THIS is some next level analysis. Thanks.

I’m really torn about Dion Lewis. His runs have been decreasing over the last 3 weeks, but he is going up against the Jets, so they shouldn’t be much of a roadblock, but he has ONE touchdown this year and that was week one. Lockett and Moore have had steady or increasing targets and are against San Francisco and Tampa Bay, so that could be good too. Plus Lockett is scoring in more than 1/2 his games. I get what you’re saying about being safe, but of all the weeks this year (and now that Brees has shit the bed) I think I have to go with the big upside. I think this analysis was dead on before the Thursday night game. :frowning:

The TEs. Ugh. LaCosse? Interesting. I was looking at Uzoma or Herndon but LaCosse might be the way tot go. Also, I really appreciate the advice on filters. I’ve been doing it so long I just stopped thinking about it. So…(calculating beepboop*) Gerald Everett might be someone to look at. A weapon on the Rams that’s started to produce over the last few weeks? Against Detroit? I just don’t want to be chasing points here, but even his low average would be better than Burton.

Thanks a lot. This is good stuff to think about.