When and for who should I trade Conner?

I was a Mckinnon owner who picked up Conner off the waiver wire. I would like to trade him for another rb before Bell comes back. How soon should I, and what would be some good targets?

I be doing it now before the situation changes cause it can really quick and he has the most value to the bell owner. I’m a bell owner and I’m not willing to give up too much for him because the fact bell can come back at any time. The most I offered for Conner is Dion Lewis. If that gives you a slight picture. But I also have Alex Collins, mark Ingram, r. Penny

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You aren’t going to get much for him considering he likely only gets significant playing time in one game. If you can get someone in the Lynch/Hyde range, Id be happy with that.

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I am a Bell Owner and I just offered Duke for Conner, if you can get Marshawn I would most def do it

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Thanks for the responses guys. Lynch would be perfect since he’s on the Bell owner’s team… problem is that I’m playing the Bell owner and I’m not giving him Conner this week. Probably gonna roll the dice and hope Bell doesn’t show up before next week, and offer Conner to him after this week.

Would I be selling too low to take Jamal Williams?

Problem with Jamaal is when Aaron comes back. I mean I would like to see Jamaal keep the starting job but I dont know if we can count on that.