When do ESPN rosters lock?

I dropped my kicker to pick up T.J. Yeldon earlier this week. I know we may not know if Fournette is playing until before the game so i’m wondering if I can pick up a kicker as a Free Agent after the 1 PM games start if that kicker’s game hasn’t started yet. This is an ESPN league

You will be able to pick one up from the later games but your options for dropping players will be limited if the 1 ET games have already started. You’d have to drop someone who plays in the later games

For the flex I’m choosing between James White and T.J. Yeldon and Matt Prater is available to pick up. All of them play in 4 o’clock games. I should be fine to wait until they announce who’s playing right?

You can pick up a kicker just know that if the player has a 1pm game he will be locked and you Will not be able to drop said player

You would be fine waiting