When do TE’s fetch most trade value?

I have Ertz, Graham, and Engram. if you’ve been streaming unproductive TE’s, what would you be willing to give up for one of these guys? I need an RB 1 or WR 1 badly but I also can play all 3 TE’s since there are two WR/RB/TE flexes. Maybe I should wait a couple weeks

You might find it hard to get fair value. I would expect you could flex a non-TE and get better production than Engram at the very least right now. Whoever you trade with will know you need to deal them, because they’re soaking up roster spots you might need for something else.

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Yeah, crossing my fingers for a good outing from Engram so I can flip him asap Bc people are resorting to starting Antonio Gates and shit in my league ha

The only TE I buy is Kelce.
Maybe Gronk but he hasn’t been lighting my world on fire.

But beyond Kelce I’d rather play the week–I drafted Kittle this year though and am fine just leaving him plugged in.

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Damn. These are less enthusiastic responses than I had hoped for haha. I just need one more reliable, healthy starting RB or WR. I also have both Ryan and Cam, so perhaps could combine Cam and graham/engram for maybe…a JuJu or Tevin? Assuming the team in question needs my guys and streaming options start at Eli and Ryan Griffin essentially, does that sound at all reasonable?

Yea someone like Juju or M. Evans seems reasonable value for that package. Still, the person you’re trading with probably already has a QB and may not need another as much as you might need the rb/wr help. I often find it difficult trading away QB’s for good value in non-QB’s.

I think Graham is the best to trade. Big name, good offense, coming off a good game. Maybe someone like Breida/Jones/Kerryon from the right team could work in a 1 for 1

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