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When do you pick K or D/ST


Do you pick these in the last two rounds or not at all? Please give your reasonings on what you choose.


In a 16 round draft, I often pick my D/ST around the 14th round. While it does depend on how soon D/ST start coming off the board, it is a spot in your lineup that could help you, so I don’t put it off until the end. Kickers I usually take in the 15th/16th round, again dependent on everyone else’s strategy. While they all seem the same there are a few that are worth drafting (Matt Bryant, Stephen Gostowski, etc.)


If your league doesn’t require it, then I don’t draft either. I’d rather take a flyer on a few guys in the draft instead of “drafting” a kicker. In most leagues you have to play a K/D so will pick them up off waivers as needed. It’s best to stream defenses based on matchup anyway.

If required to draft then I pick up a D in the next to last and a kicker in the final round.


It depends on your league but if A majority of them are waiting till the last two rounds to grab these positions, then I like to grab them in the third to last round. The exciting flyer guy will probably still be there in the last round since all the teams are going to be picking kickers and defenses in the last two rounds and you will get your pick of some of the top tier defenses and kickers. This goes against what most people do but I have found that I can usually end up with a preseason top 5 defense and kicker and the high upside guy I was going to take in the third to last round is either still their in the last round or there is another one that is the same risk and same upside potential.


I would draft the Kicker in the last round unless you want to grab a Justin Tucker, Stephen Gostkowski, or Matt Bryant, in which case you would probably need to reach a round earlier, although I wouldn’t recommend it. I think Dustin Hopkins is a good grab in the last round as I think he will have great scoring potential on a high-flying Redskins offense. As for defense, I will grab it in the 13th/15 rounds if I want a top tier defense and feel that I have the necessary depth to reach for a good defense. Otherwise I take it in the 14th round.


My 2 snake drafts have either 18 or 19 rounds in them because of IDPs so I end up picking up my defense between the 12th and 14th round because I already have starters and solid RB/WR depth by then. Another reason is because about half the league drafts 2 defenses and I dont want to get stuck with trash because our leagues Defense scoring is pretty substantial, even without fluke TDs. I wait on kicker til the 2nd or 3rd to last pick depending on where I fall in the round turns.