When is the best time to take a rookie?

I’m drafting 1st in my 10 team standard league and this year we are changing the format to 1 veteran keeper and 1 rookie who will act as a “franchise player” meaning we keep them till we take another rookie to replace them. We aren’t doing a separate rookie draft much to my chagrin and I have no idea when I should take a rookie.

Sounds like a very cool league. I was originally thinking about who to keep next year and than let that dictate the round. Would Penny or Chubb or one of the WR be better than another?

Although the inclination is to strategically pick a vet and/or a rookie my suggestion is to draft just like you would any other redraft league. You have no idea what players will breakout or bust . No idea who you will trade for or away. I would try to win this year and figure out keepers either later in the season or next year after sipping on the tears of your league mates from the FootClan Trophy!

PS. If others are reaching for rookies early, pivot and grab vets. More so in the later round…but equally, if others are reaching for vets (like Jonathon Stewart), pivot and grab rookies (like Anthony Miller).

Great advice! I usually like to plan my drafts so I know who or what to take each round, but I know some of my league mates will reach so I’ll be sure to draft the vets and win my second title.