When is vetoing appropriate?

So the guy I’m playing is trying to get a trade involving 4 guys, one of em being D-Hop and 2 others that I think if he was to get the trade and start he would beat me. Is it wrong to veto a trade that helps my opponent?

What is the actual trade?

Vetoing should only be applied when there is cheating/collusion/clearly unfair trade.
If it’s a fair trade and there are no signs of collusion or cheating, then it should stand.

It sucks to watch a trade that could beat you, but that’s why guys do trades - to win.
If it’s a legit trade let it stand, if you suspect foul play then you can vote against it, and if enough of the other league members agree they can shut it down.

Thanks for the clarification

sure thing.
Like I said if it does appear to be an unfair/shady ordeal, definitely bring it up. But sometimes you just to bite the bullet and trust in your team.
Best of luck!

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Team # 1 Trades

Ben Watson
Jon Brown
James White

Team #2 Trades
Sterling Shepard
Hunter Henry
Devin Singletary

I play Team #2

Yeah that does look a little lopsided to me, trading away Hopkins + 3 for 3 average players. That trade makes no sense to me for team 1. Hopkins alone demands those 3 players from team 2.

Hop > Shepard
White > Singletary
Watson < Henry
Brown > -blank-

I would actually have some concerns about that trade, it doesn’t make any sense for team 1, seems off
Would definitely bring it up, and veto it personally

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That trade does suck for team 1

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That is exactly how Im seeing it, thanks.