When Should A Dynasty Startup Draft Be? (Money League)

Is next month or anytime before the 3rd preseason game too early?

Some people in the league , who are brand new to Dynasty, are concerned about injuries, holdouts, if there will even be a season etc.

Another league member is saying injuries don’t matter as much in Dynasty, and another is saying a Dynasty Startup Draft is usually after the NFL draft. Is this correct?

Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

It doesn’t matter much, but it heavily depends on when you guys want to draft, I would take a vote and see when your league is comfortable drafting. Personally, my dynasty leagues usually draft late, usually August or September, but my leagues are not that active. If you have very active members, usually drafting right after the NFL draft is a good idea. It lets those that want to look through college tape the ability to grab players they really like without having the adp bump from analysts. If it’s a more casual league I would draft later, it gives everyone an opportunity to research more at a tempered pace.

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