When to draft idp players

It’s a dynasty league start up and 1/2 ppr. We start 1-qb 3- rb 3 w/r, 1 flex and then we start 2-db 3-dL and 3 lbs. the points scoring for idp is 1 point for solo , 1/2 for assist, and 1/2 for tackle for a loss and 2 points per sack. With this info when should I start drafting idk players we are in the 11th and none have been taken. Please help

If there are still quality players when the “IDP run” happens then just keep stacking your bench. You can still get high volume tacklers late and I usually scan the waiver wire every 3-4 weeks to see if there is a guy out there that is “out tackling” my own guys. Otherwise if you feel like there are no offensive bench pieces that you want, start picking up D guys then. And on the plus side, I rarely see defensive players involved in a trade. So if you spend 5 rounds snagging potential gems while everyone else is grabbing IDPs, you will have more to offer come trade time.

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