When to draft rookies in a Keeper

I got the 1.05, 1.07, 1.10 in my keeper league and im kinda pushing to build a team. Im keeping R. Wilson, OBJ, Gronk, S. Ware and probably Enuwa. So im wondering if I took Mixon, CMC, Fournette or even perijne if its took early? Or other suggestions. Keepers arent claimed till next week

I’m assuming since it is 5 keepers that most of the first round studs are taken? If so, I could see taking Mixon possibly. However, I still like many more proven players versus the potential of these rookies. Guess I’m most like Jason with my safe playing, but if you can provide more details about your league and who’s available then I can give a better answer!


I will update this as soon as keepers are claimed!

Take them wherever you feel comfortable taking them. Check over ADP sheets but also know your league. If you think Mixon is the next big RB then go and get him (same as the other guys)

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