When to draft Zeke in Dynasty

Hey all.

With all the Zeke drama going on right now, i can see his ADP falling. Not far, still likely a first rounder, but the question is when.

Right now he is averaging as the 4th pick, however i have a dynasty startup draft this saturday. We determined the picks ahead of time so we could prepare, and i have the 7th pick. Pre-Zeke news players like Davante Adams, JJ Shuster, or Hopkins have been falling to me in my mocks. With the holdout news, Zeke may fall a few spots in the draft.

TLDR: Would you take Zeke in the first round with the 7th pick, or do i avoid the drama and stick with a WR like the Adams, Shuster, or hopkins

In dynasty, the only RBs I’d even consider drafting in the first round are Saquon, CMC or Kamara. Other than that, I’m drafting the top end WRs - if any of those WRs you mentioned make it to you, snag em.

RB 1s are constantly turning over year over year with rookies coming in and second years breaking out. WR 1s have such a longer lifespan, look at how long Julio, AJ Green, Keenan Allen, AB, MT or Evans have consistently been finishing as WR 1s. OBJ would be in there if he could stay healthy. Point is, target the young stud WRs and then you can snag RBs later.


I’d also go Odell, MT or Evans before Zeke.


Thanks for the advice mate. I was always intending to go WR but with all this Zeke news i wasn’t sure if he would be worth the value if he fell down a few picks.

His ADP at 4 in a dynasty draft is just dumb. Only reason I’d end up with him on my roster, unless I’m the last pick, is if he makes it back to me in the 2nd somehow.