When to hit panic button and jump ship?

I’ve officially gotten into the range of panic mode and in win now mode to save my season (2-5). When do you hit the panic button and start trading big pieces to switch things up to try and win? My roster definitely lacks depth and not scoring well together. Do you trade big pieces for more depth or ride it out and hopefully it hits? Had everyone reach out for cook and hopkins but not sure if its time to let go or not

QB: Kyler, Watson
WR: Hopkins, Sutton, Lockett, Sanders,Mooney
RB: Cook, Harris, Gaskin,Michel, Singletary, Mattison, Wilson Jr (IR)
TE: Hockenson

Your WR depth is a really boom or bust.I am bad at valuing trades, but you could try and sell Gaskin + Lockett to move up a little, or look at someone with a weaker TE and a receiver you want and try and do a package that way.

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Redraft or Dynasty? How many teams and what is the starting lineup requirement?

10 team redraft league:

lineup requirment:
2 RB
2 Wr