When to rebuild a contender

Curious on folks thoughts. I have an aging roster in a 12 tm sf ppr. Titles in 2 of last 3 years. But the roster is getting old: tyreek, d.adams, d.henry,a.jones, and tom brady just retired from the roster (still rostered just in case.) Zero 22 picks. I could keep trading away future assets and run it out as far as i can and then have a really hard rebuild a couple of years from now. Or i could try to sell some of the win now pieces this year while they may still have some value, have more value to reload with. What are your philosophies? Run it until the wheels fall off, or trade it in while the blue book value is still worth anything?

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I’m in a very similar place with a squad. Just won and I really need WR. I’m thinking of moving some pieces to other ‘win now’ squads and taking whatever I can for 23 / 24 firsts and 23 2nds. Even just a few of them help. I’m also looking at a smaller piece to replace. IE: Pitts for Fant + a 1st. Only an example as that’s probably not enough for Pitts, but pivoting down to also acquire picks is the concept.

I think that’s the play while pieces still have value especially if you do not think you’ll run it this year as well. You’ll still have strong bones and could make a play if trades / games break your way.

In your case all those pieces are probably moves this year. I’m about being early as opposed to late. Hill is maybe a hold as his play doesn’t look to be slowing down, but everyone at the right price!