When to shop your studs? Freeman owners?!?!

Hello all,

I am a Devonta Freeman and Todd Gurley owner is a 12 team, 1/2PPR league. I am currently 3-3 and had to drop Freeman today after he went to the IR. My WRs are weak and I could definitely benefit from a better tight end. My question is: Is it time to ship Gurley to try to get a more balanced team? Plenty of teams in my league would offer top dollar for Gurley and I could easily get a couple of studs in return. Is it time to put Gurley on the block? Why or why not? HELP PLEASE!!!

Thanks in advance, #FootClan

I think if you traded Gurley away you would find that your comfort week to week would be far less . I am also three and three without a stud running back and I’m trying my best to acquire one. It is likely impossible to acquire one of those like . It also seems nearly impossible to win a championship without someone like TG

Thanks for the quick reply. At this point, Gurley is about the only bright spot on my roster. Should I just hold on to him and try to rebuild my team through the waivers or other less significant trades? I know I could go out and get a sweet package for Gurley but I’m not sure if thats the move.

You do make a good point about winning the championship without him; I would much rather have him on my team in the playoffs than on an opponent’s team.